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Since my surgery in January 2015 and Margaret’s surgery in June 2015 brought about some physical adjustments in our life style, we have been praying the Lord would open up a door of service that we could work on from home. We believe this website is an answer to that prayer.

For the past few years, we have made “AMATEUR” CDs for our family in Statesville, shut-ins, and a few other people as a way of sharing God’s love and our love with them.

We have been blessed to have a special friend with a God given musical gift who plays piano for us in addition to using purchased karaoke and accompaniment CDs.

As you listen to these CDs, we hope you will overlook all of our mistakes and hear only the message of each song and devotional. Our only goal is to praise the Lord and tell others about Him.


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This Too Shall pass

This month I am changing the format of my monthly post.  I am including some humor, a short devotion, Food for Thought articles to see if you agree or disagree with the author and some gospel songs by writers who wrote about a personal relationship or Biblical reference to Jesus Christ.

We begin our humor with why Laughter is the Best Medicine and a Face Off with an Old Doctor and a Young Doctor.  Our devotion is taken from an email article – author unknown – about a marriage proposal.  I hope you will have time to listen to the amazing article.

Listen carefully to the Words of the following inspirational hymns:

“On My Father’s Side” – Margaret sings the high notes along with the vocalist on an accompaniment CD we purchased from Day Winds. The song tells the Biblical story of Christ’s mission on earth.  Hope you take time to listen to the words.

“Hide Thou Me” – Often times when we are in difficult situations, we feel just like the opening words of this song.  Thank goodness there is a way of escape.  

“Through It All” – Even though as humans we may never understand the situations we find ourselves in, the Bible teaches that God has a purpose for everything that comes into the life of the believer. 

“God Will Make a Way” – His Ways are not our Ways nor our Thoughts His Thoughts. Our responsibility is to TRUST AND OBEY HIM.

“There is a River” – The Biblical story of the power of the descending of the Holy Spirit and it tells of the Water of Life that Christ gives.

“Surely the Presence of the Lord” – Christ’s presence will always be present and felt when He is being lifted up as the Savior of the World.

“A Child of the King” – Words of this song are a message that WHOSOEVER will accept the words and commands of Jesus Christ can become A Child of the King.

“Peace in the Valley” – Promise of Better Days to come.  What a day that will be if we have accepted the Prince of Peace – Jesus Christ.

“These Things Shall Pass”

Will close with a final good laugh.  What to do if riding on a Double Decker Bus???? Thanks for taking time to view our site. Until next time, may the Lord Bless and Keep You.

Doctor giving a mask to a patient for protection against viruses and infections in a hospital
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