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Since my surgery in January 2015 and Margaret’s surgery in June 2015 brought about some physical adjustments in our life style, we have been praying the Lord would open up a door of service that we could work on from home. We believe this website is an answer to that prayer.

For the past few years, we have made “AMATEUR” CDs for our family in Statesville, shut-ins, and a few other people as a way of sharing God’s love and our love with them.

We have been blessed to have a special friend with a God given musical gift who plays piano for us in addition to using purchased karaoke and accompaniment CDs.

As you listen to these CDs, we hope you will overlook all of our mistakes and hear only the message of each song and devotional. Our only goal is to praise the Lord and tell others about Him.


Featured Album

How Great Is Our God

The following businesses sponsor Challenging Bible Messages in the weekend edition of The Lancaster News Newspaper:  Cauthen Motors, Cody Tire, Comporium, Williams Flooring Carpet One, Kentucky Fried Chicken, J & S Concrete of Lancaster, Howard Williams Senior Insurance Advisor.  The Author of the messages is Christopher Simon.  

This month I am using two of the messages  I found very applicable for the days in which we are living. I hope you have time to listen to both to see if you agree with the author. 

Message one titled  “Let It Be” is based on Proverbs Chapter 19: Verse 21 The New International Version (NIV) Bible is used for interpretation of all Scripture.

Message two – “In the Furnace and On the Anvil” based on James Chapter 1:   Verses   2-4 NIV 

Listen to the message of hope and victory to believers found in the following songs:

“God Will Make a Way”  God’s Word is filled with promises to His followers that He will provide a way for the tasks He calls us to do.  We must trust and obey what He tells us to do. 

“It is No Secret”  This song assures us what God has done for others He will also do for us if we turn to Him and confess our need.

“God Walks the Dark Hills”  God is constantly using the circumstances that we as humans find ourselves in to remind us that Someone greater is in control of the universe.

“God On The Mountain”  assures the believer that the same God on the Mountain is the God of the Valley as well and we are never alone.

“Jesus is Lord of All”  We must constantly make sure that Jesus is indeed Lord of every area of our lives for Satan is constantly attacking us in our weakest areas.

“These Things Shall Pass”  Jesus assured His followers this life is not the end but they would one day have eternal life with Him.

“The King is Coming”  Christ told His followers during his earthly ministry that He would die for the sins of mankind but that one day He would return to earth as King and take those who believed on Him to Heaven.   

“What A Day That Will Be”  The title says it all – when we see our Master face to face.

Thank you for checking out our post this month.  Until next time remember that God will make a way for you if you turn to Him.  He is worthy of our worship, Worthy of our Praise.  How Great is our God!

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