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Since my surgery in January 2015 and Margaret’s surgery in June 2015 brought about some physical adjustments in our life style, we have been praying the Lord would open up a door of service that we could work on from home. We believe this website is an answer to that prayer.

For the past few years, we have made “AMATEUR” CDs for our family in Statesville, shut-ins, and a few other people as a way of sharing God’s love and our love with them.

We have been blessed to have a special friend with a God given musical gift who plays piano for us in addition to using purchased karaoke and accompaniment CDs.

As you listen to these CDs, we hope you will overlook all of our mistakes and hear only the message of each song and devotional. Our only goal is to praise the Lord and tell others about Him.


Featured Album

He Touched Me

The following is an overview of this Album.   We are thankful for those of you who check out our site each month.  We do appreciate your words of encouragement and want to say a special thanks to those who share the site with your friends.  A special welcome to each first-time viewer. For those of you that just happened onto the site, we hope you will take time to see if you agree or disagree with the thoughts expressed.  Our only purpose for the site is to lift up Christ as the Savior of the World.  To God Be the Glory.  

In 2006 our pastor of 21 years resigned and during the interim of getting organized for a Pastor Search Committee, I was elected as Worship Leader.  I shared the following thoughts with the Congregation in 2 messages of the encounter Christ and his disciples had with a Blind Man from birth. I combined the 2 in this post and believe the message is more relevant today than it was in 2006.  

I hope you will take the time to listen to the Message of the Blind Man and the relationship he developed with Jesus.  

Was Jesus showing his Disciples and Believers that this was the type of relationship that He would establish with every person who would accept the following message?  GOD, The Father, sent His SON, Jesus, to earth to give His life as atonement for sin so humanity could be reconciled to God. 

Meditate on the words of these Songs of Inspiration and see if you agree that the song writers felt the Touch of the Savior.

“HE TOUCHED ME” – What each person experiences when they Accept by Faith Christ as their Savior.

“MINE EYES HAVE SEEN THE GLORY” – Is this the GOD of the Bible telling the WORLD, this is MY CREATION and I am in CONTROL, not the ones —CREATED by ME?

“TEN THOUSAND ANGELS” – What JESUS CHRIST could have done, but He accepted the purpose His Father had sent Him to earth for – so those who accepted Him could be reconciled to God the Father.


“GOD WILL MAKE A WAY” – God’s Promise to All Believers.

“WE ARE SO BLESSED” – Believers’ blessings always outweigh their trials.

“I THEN SHALL LIVE” – With our divided Nation today, may we all strive to apply these words in our response in dealings with others.

HUMOR – Bubba’s visit to the Dr.’s Office, Bubba visits the Pope, two over stressed employees.

In closing we leave you with Psalm 46:1 – “God is our refuge and strength.”  In life’s rough waters, He calms the wind and waves.  May God lift your burdens, comfort and keep you today and always is our prayer for you.

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